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QRS iPad Player Piano

The Ideal Addition for the Great Listeners.

The sound and beauty of Steinway have come together with the technology of the QRS player system and iPad to transform your home into a concert hall.

Now you can control your player system wirelessly with your iPad, enabling you to easily download, store, organize, and play your favorite music. Some of the highlights:

  • Enjoy the incredible Steinway sound at any time.
  • Access to a potentially endless library of music.



QRS PNOMation II HomeScreen

The Standard 
in Player Piano 

Today's player piano entertainment systems are based on solenoids and plungers that are computer-activated to move the keys. The design and construction of the solenoids and plungers is a key differentiator between brands and an important consideration when choosing your entertainment system. Pianomation has long been considered the "gold standard" in the industry for player piano technology, and with good reason.

Pianomation uses specially designed solenoids and plungers that eliminate problems commonly found in competitive systems.

Plungers are made using a non-stick coating that minimizes friction and wear and are precision fit for tightness, to eliminate the potential for mechanical noise and rattling.

Superior engineering and watch dog circuitry eliminate the risk of hot or overheated solenoids that can dry out the action parts of the piano.

Plunger throw distance is adjustable on a solenoid-by-solenoid basis to perfectly match the distance that each individual key travels, ensuring unparalleled sound control and more musical expression.



Benefits & Features of the QRS PNOMAtion II

Backward and forward compatibility

Your player system should complement the life of your piano. QRS offers backward and forward compatibility, ensuring that your piano’s player technology stays as relevant today (and tomorrow) as it was when you purchased it.

Nothing to detract from your piano’s beauty

Aesthetics are a huge factor in the purchase decision of any piano. QRS systems are completely wireless; there’s no unsightly box and out-of-date technology that can diminish your piano’s value.

iPad Mini QRS Playlist

Simple to use

There are 3 easy ways to control your player system:

• Traditional remote control

• Wi-Fi enabled device – easy playlist creation, instant music purchases, stealth system updates  

• Legacy controllers– continue to use the CDs and controller you are comfortable with

The music is on the system

• No iTunes, no weird programs, no transfers 
• Music on demand – no waiting*
• The interface is wireless, not the music
• Signal interruption does not stop the music

Full control

Easily and instantly access all control parameters via any WiFi enabled device. You have peace-of-mind knowing that the software tools that enhance PNOmation’s performance are in your hand.



iPad QRS Library

The user interface is a web-based app

• Any Wi-Fi interface can be used 
• No unsightly control box on your piano 
• Interface easily adds new features

Adjustable control for better sound

• QRS systems can be adjusted to the individual dynamics of your piano 
• Dynamic control of the release of the keys and pedals as well as the attack 
• MIDI HD compatible and ready. Software can be updated quickly and easily via USB port, SD, our network** or audio**.


You’re not stuck, even with competitive systems

For all MIDI-based systems that are digital and acoustic, QRS offers an upgrade kit that can upgrade your outdated Yamaha, PianoDisc, or MIDI keyboard technology so you can enjoy the benefits that only QRS and PNOmation II offer.

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